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In order to carry out the work on board correctly, the crew must have good workwear to cover the situations they face daily and allow them to perform their activities safely and professionally.
In Corona, we offer all kinds of protective clothing against adverse weather conditions to work in polar or equatorial regions. The head, along with the hands and feet, are the parts of the body most exposed to physical risks of accidents when carrying out professional activities. We have all the necessary equipment to protect the crew in their daily work.
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Safety clothing and materials

In Corona, we have a wide range of waterproof clothing to protect you against bad weather (waterproof jackets, rain jackets, waterproof pants, boiler suits with waterproof braces, etc.), designed for the different weather conditions which the ship may face. We also have protective clothing against the cold, down to -50 ºC: for extreme weather conditions or for working in cold storages.
We have specific clothing for the kitchen, as well as for maintenance work on board.
For the specific protection against environmental risks, we have all kinds of materials such as acoustic protectors, glasses, helmets or masks of different types.


Gloves and boots

The extremities of the human body (hands and feet), are highly exposed to the risks of knocks and crushing and, therefore, must be protected in the most efficient way.

Hand protection – Gloves

In this respect, the hands take a prominent position. Since they are the essential tools in day-to-day activities, they must be protected against extreme heat and cold, as well as against knocks and crushing. We also need protection for our hands against the possible attacks of aggressive chemicals and against cuts, especially when handling sharp tools.

In Corona, we offer a broad range of gloves for light and heavy handling, cold weather and industrial cold down to -50 ºC, welding, manoeuvring, etcera.

Feet protection: shoes and accesories

Like the hands, feet are also severely affected by risk exposure, and they require our full attention in terms of their protection.

A blow or crushing of feet may lead to serious problems, but this can be prevented with clogs or safety shoes and boots. This protective footwear is included in the PPE (personal protective equipment).

Some of these footwear items are designed to increase ground grip and reduce slips on wet and slippery floors. Others are designed to keep feet warm, and precisely these cold insulation safety shoes are found in activities which are carried out in adverse weather.

We have a broad range of footwear products for all the working conditions (hot, temperatures below -50 ºC). Different types: PVC, thermal polyurethane, with toe cap and or reinforced soles, etc …


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