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Our story

In 1946, Luis López-Corona Veiga founded Efectos Navales Corona, with the goal to meet the needs of the fishing sector in Vigo. During three generations, we have been guided by a desire to constantly evolve, improving on a day to day basis and serving by vocation the sea professionals.

In these years, the company has played a pioneering role in the introduction of some developments for the Galician fishing fleet. At present, we continue working to keep providing the best products and solutions for the fishing sector.

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SINCE 1946

International expansion

Thanks to our long-standing customers and our ability to adapt to the needs of the sector, in Efectos Navales Corona we have achieved a geographical and sectorial variety in our customer portfolio. At present, most of our work is internationally oriented and we have gone beyond the fishing sector, playing an important role in the industrial growth of the city.


We maintain the same desire and enthusiasm with which we started our journey 70 years ago. Efectos Navales Corona remains in Vigo, in the exact same spot where the company was founded, but its organisational structure has been modernized and its staff is trained, experienced and committed to the service and needs of the fishing sector. We know the problems the sea professionals face and we know how to solve them.
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since 1946

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Avda. Beiramar 25 | 36202 | Vigo | Pontevedra | Spain Email: [email protected] Phone: +34 986 233 142