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We provide the crew whatever they need for the deck, both in the fishing activity and in the maintenance work. We have everything you need, from riggings to catch treatments in the fishing hold. After working for 75 years in the fishing sector, our speciality is to provision the commercial fishing ships. In our deck supplies portfolio, we have included a wide catalogue of references of application for any type of ship (oceanographic, merchant, tugboats, etc), as well as for agro-food and forest industry, and shipyards.


Professional cutlery

Fenders and floats



Workwear and PPEs

Marine hardware

Rigging and hoisting

We have optimized the quality of the materials and adapted them to the uses to be made. We offer all the necessary marine hardware for rigging and hoisting works.
CORONA offers components of any size, material and type, and we provide advice to the customers based on our proven experience regarding the best solutions for each case.

- Chains

- Swivels

- Shackles

- Boat connectors and links

- Hooks

- Ship wiring and accessories

- Power blocks

- Turnbuckles

- And more...


Ropes, harness lines, hawsers, needles and threads

Corona ship chandler offers a broad range of synthetic and natural ropes of different lengths and materials, from big handling mooring to fine nylon threads.
We also offer products like self-locking pins for ropes, wires and other products like needles to repair nets, turnbuckles and cable ties of different types and sizes. We complete our product range of lifting with a wide variety of cloth sling straps.

- Ropes

- Threads

- Needles

- Self-locking pins

- Slings

- Thimbles


Ship protectors and floats

We ensure the required buoyancy of the fish rigging with buoys and floats designed for every situation and usage of fishing gear such as purse-seine fishery and longline and bottom fishing.
We also offer a broad range of protectors and buoys aimed at protecting vessels and recreational crafts at port.

- Fishing floats

- Fishing buoys

- Mooring buoys and protectors

- Rubber fenders


Containers and packaging

We offer a wide range of plastic boxes, and this includes the useful stackable and inter-locking plastic boxes. These boxes guarantee the integrity of their content and they also minimize the space occupied. They come in every size and for every content: fish factory vessels, industrial transport, cold storage racks and chambers, etcetera. They are, indeed, fishing tackle boxes, but they are also suitable for freezing or just for tidying up. We also offer creels, fishing baskets, barrels, buckets and containers.
When it comes to satisfy mechanical or manual needs, we provide all kinds of tapes and trips.

- Transport containers

- Boxes

- Baskets

- Barrels and cans

- Ratchet straps

- Stretch wrap.


Chemicals and painting materials

Ship preventive materials are essential to guarantee a long life span and a perfect occupancy status. Since we are aware of their importance, in Corona we offer the best chemical products for industrial maintenance and cleaning, and also the necessary materials to apply any kind of paints, varnishes and resins.
We have everything you need to paint and take care of your ship: degreasers, descaling agents, descalers, biocides, boat soaps, brushes, paint brushes, rollers, scrapers, palette knives, paint buckets, adhesive tapes, etcetera.

- Descaling agents

- Degreasers

- Degreasers

- Paints, varnishes and resins

- Brushes, rollers

- And more...


Knives and pocket knives

Due to its many uses, cutlery is essential for any ship’s performance. We offer pocket knives and stainless steel knives for daily work in the factory or in the feed industry. Thus, we only recommend the use of top brands materials and proven quality supplies.
We also offer a broad range of auxiliary materials which is necessary to improve the performance of this cutlery, such as sharpening stones, sharpening steel, cut resistant gloves, mesh gloves, etc.

- knives

- Pocket knives

- Mesh gloves

- Sharpening stones

- Protective aprons


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